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Although Toyota Insurance Management was established in Germany in 2000 we have been involved in the Toyota insurance scheme since 1993.

Our products  include Motor Insurance, Credit life, GAP, Warranty  and Dealer Insurance.




1st place for the ninth time: Toyota offers the best motor vehicle insurance

You can rely on Toyota insurance: another excellent rating by the publication AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2019/2020



In short:

  • Undisputedly the best manufacturer insurance for seven years in a row
  • The highest consumer and car dealer satisfaction scores for all individually assessed criteria, best marks for product, price, and quality of service
  • An improved overall grade of 1.45, the best rating of all participants
  • Collaboration with our partners Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe SE, Toyota Handel, Toyota Germany, as well as the Toyota Kreditbank GmbH is the basis of our success

  • For individuals who are willing to switch: Deadline is 30.11.2019, can also be concluded for cars from other manufacturers


Cologne. Are you insured with Toyota? In this case, you can literally rely on your motor vehicle insurance: Toyota remains the unchallenged number one among captive insurer. The AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2019/2020 chose Toyota insurance as the winner for the ninth time.


Always improving: new best overall grade


Toyota insurance not only continually receives the best grades but also manages to improve its overall scores again and again. With best marks for all 19 individual criteria as well as an overall grade of 1.45, it is well ahead of the competitors.


Managing Director Udo Jüngling stated two crucial reasons for receiving the award again: ‘On the one hand, it is our flawless cooperation with the risk bearer Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe SE, on the other hand, the consistent partnership with Toyota Handel, Toyota Germany as well as the Toyota Kreditbank GmbH. This collaboration permits us to provide our customers with attractive and tailor-made offers, for which we, subsequently, receive the best marks.’


Reliable partner: focus on the customer and sales goals


We are no motor vehicle insurance from the rack, but offer needs-based products with flexible rates, useful additional services, favourable special classifications for individual target groups as well as profitable sales campaigns. All this is evidence that motor vehicle insurance is an integral part of Toyota’s sales strategy. Over the past year, the Toyota insurance has improved once again in this regard, as well as the individual criteria product design, pricing structure, and competitiveness of premiums, which pushes us more than a full mark above the market average.


Tailor-made: individual rates


Toyota insurance offers a varied pricing structure and unique conditions for different types of customers, which, as Udo Jüngling emphasises, can only be valued that attractively thanks to our close collaborations: ‘My thanks go to everyone involved who makes the creation of these products possible. It is, what makes Toyota successful.’ If customers decide, for example, to choose the optional Toyota safety technology CleverProtectPlus for their RAV4 Hybrid, they benefit from an index value reduction of three vehicle-types for comprehensive coverage. Young drivers can save money with AYGO Just Go Telematics in conjunction with their financed AYGO. Drivers, 23 and older, receive the AYGO Just Go Telematics for free.


Toyota insurance is also reliable in terms of service. Udo Jüngling: ‘We focus on customer satisfaction when it comes to processing contracts as well as the settlement of claims and put the highest value on a constructive and efficient collaboration with our trade partners.’ For this we receive a ‘very good’ from our partners when it comes to the satisfaction of field workers, but also the expert knowledge, and reliability of our back-office staff, which receives remarkably few complaints. Toyota dealers also award a ‘one’ for the workshop affiliation rates. The advantage for customers: more favourable rates and repair support thanks to the Toyota workshop affiliation.


Deadline 30.11.2019: change to Toyota insurance now


Concerning the upcoming deadline 30.11.2019: Toyota insurance is also available to drivers from other brands or second-hand cars and offers competitive terms. A change to the Toyota insurance is easily possible until 30.11.2019. Each Toyota Dealership can be contacted for further information.


About AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor


The in-house motor vehicle insurance offer is part of car sales. That is why the AUTOHAUS journal, a specialist platform published by the Axel Springer SE, supported by TÜV Nord, established the independent series of questionnaires eleven years ago. The commissioned puls Marktforschung GmbH asks around 1,000 brand dealers every year to evaluate the performance of brand-specific motor vehicle insurances (including their risk bearer), as well as independent motor vehicle insurance partners.