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Toyota Insurance Management was established in Germany in 2000. Since then, we have strong cooperation partners: our risk bearer Aioi Nissay Dowa, Toyota Germany and the Toyota Kreditbank. This collaboration permits us to provide our customers with attractive and tailor-made offers.





Toyota offers best motor vehicle insurance in Germany

1st place for the 12th time:

Logo Autohaus winner

Also because of this, we won 12th times the first place of the publication AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor. 


The AUTOHAUS journal is a specialist platform published by the Springer SE. AUTOHAUS uses surveys to determine the satisfaction of dealers in their cooperation with different insurers.



Udo Jüngling and Michael Kainzbauer received the Ichiban award

Our products

The German insurance market is very different from those in other countries. Because of no-claims categories and other specifics we are not able to make package deals, but to offer customised solutions for our police holder. Therefore we offer needs-based products with flexible rates, useful additional services, favourable special classifications for individual target groups as well as profitable sales campaigns. All this is evidence that motor vehicle insurance is an integral part of Toyota’s sales strategy. Toyota insurance services offers a varied pricing structure and unique conditions for private and business clients.




Telematic insurance


Our telematic insurance calculates the contributions based on the driving style. With a defensive and considerate driving style, you get a reduced insurance rate. We also offer a special hybrid insurance, where the price is based on the number of kilometres driven electrically.



Hybrid insurance


The price of our hybrid insurance is based on the number of kilometres driven electrically. The more miles you drive electric, the cheaper is the incentive.



Used car insurance


The used car insurance offers discounted insurance rates for two- to seven-year-old used vehicles and the possibility of a second car classification in no-claims class 5.





These are only examples of our diverse insurance solution. We also insure business customers, such as cab companies or fleets.
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