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Although Toyota Insurance Management was established in Germany in 2000 we have been involved in the Toyota insurance scheme since 1993.

Our products  include Motor Insurance, Credit life, GAP, Warranty  and Dealer Insurance.


Every year-end since 2009,  a survey is conducted by AUTOHAUS (a German major automobile industry journal) regarding the degree of satisfaction of dealers with automaker-brand insurance. Toyota Insurance Management were awarded with the the top overall prize (as well as in the imported car sector) for 2013. We achieved a record-high result, ranking 1st in 23 out of the 29 evaluation items.




Toyota again is overall winner among captive motor insurances

Toyota motor insurance has just been crowned for the seventh time as nationwide best brand-related motor insurance. The market survey AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2016/2017 confirms Toyota’s outstanding performance with regard to prize, products and services.



In short:

  • According to the results of the market survey AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2017/2018 Toyota motor insurance remains market leader within the captive motor insurance segment;
  • The survey identifies the highest satisfaction rates amongst car dealers and customers. For the first time the assessment includes customer complaints and brand image. Here the Toyota motor insurance is rewarded with top marks in all criteria;  
  • The performance levels remain unchanged: multitude of promotions, professional skills, first-class support services. In total best grades in 28 out of 30 individual criteria and an overall rating of 1,61;
  • The independent market survey is conducted for nine years now by AUTOHAUS, automotive trade magazine of the Springer publishing house. For the seventh time the Toyota motor insurance is the overall winner.

Winner 2017

Cologne. The Toyota insurance has been once again awarded nationwide as the best German brand-related motor insurance  by the AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2017/12018. Those who have not yet concluded a contract with the award-winning Toyota motor insurance can and should tackle this now: The deadline 30th of November is closing in and with it the opportunity for an easy switch to the best motor insurance. 


Toyota motor insurance remains market leader with regard to price/performance and service.


For the seventh time now the study series AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor has identified Toyota’s motor insurance as overall winner among captive motor insurances. This confirms clearly the Toyota motor insurance as the market leader in this independent study series, which has been conducted for nine years now by AUTOHAUS, a trade magazine of Springer publishing house. With top marks in 28 out of a total of 30 individual criteria and an overall rating of 1.61, Toyota clearly stands out from the rest of the competition, and – in particular – from the motor insurances of German car brands.


As the survey reveals, Toyota’s competitive insurance rates are its tremendous strength compared to the market average (Toyota almost one grade better). As Udo Juengling, Managing Director of Toyota Insurance Management Germany (TIM, in German: Toyota Versicherungsdienst), explains, Toyota customers can benefit from many vehicle-related special offers. As examples Juengling mentions the AYGO combi-offer consisting of insurance and financing as well as the Toyota Safety Sense discount on the safety system included in many Toyota vehicles. And another extra offer is well received by customers: the favourable second-car insurance rating where the first car does not necessarily has to be insured with Toyota. Overall the Toyota motor insurance is an integral part of today’s vehicle offer, says Juengling. The very close collaboration of Toyota dealers, Toyota Germany (NMSC) and Toyota Financial Services clearly pays off for Toyota customers, as Juengling emphasises.  


Best standing with customers and dealers


In addition to the conditions especially the service is excellent.  According to the result of the market study the transparent product structure as well as clear customer communication and support quality contribute to the good result of the Toyota insurance. Best marks are also given for the individual criteria of claim adjustment and transparent claim deductibles as well as for high competence of the employees of the field service and in particular the back office. According to the market study Toyota dealers record the lowest rate of customer complaints. In 2017, the AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor had assessed the image of the captive motor insurances for the first time. And the result is not surprising: The Toyota insurance is at the top in all of these individual criteria.


Demonstrably there is nothing to complain about – and speaking of claim adjustment there is one addition: the Toyota contractual partner has been awarded with the German Fairness Price 2017 from the German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel n-tv.


Also in terms of motor insurance the customer can fully rely on Toyota quality especially  with regard to vehicle protection. Risk carrier of the Toyota insurance is the Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Ltd., one of the largest and most competitive Asian insurance companies.


Decide to change now: Go to your local dealer to get your individual offer


Udo Juengling recommends that customers should best  ask at their local Toyota dealer for current promotions and let the dealer calculate the suitable tariff according to the customers’ needs and vehicle. Comparison is worthwhile in any case, Juengling stresses with regard to the switching deadline of November 30th for current contracts. And this applies to all customers. As dealers can offer the best captive motor insurance to used vehicle customers or for other car brands respectively. Customers interested in new vehicles can find current offers for new cars on the Toyota website.


About AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor


The independent study series is conducted by AUTOHAUS, an automotive trade magazine issued by Springer publishing house, supported by TÜV Nord (German Technical Inspection Association). The study series has been running now for nine years.  Until now, the Toyota insurance was part of the group of the top-seeded each year, thereof seven times overall winner. Nearly 1.000 brand dealers evaluate the performance of their brand-related motor insurances and their risk carriers as well as other independent insurance partners of the car dealers.  Rating is done by evaluating 30 individual criteria with regard to products, service and quality of collaboration. 





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