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Although Toyota Insurance Management was established in Germany in 2000 we have been involved in the Toyota insurance scheme since 1993.

Our products  include Motor Insurance, Credit life, GAP, Warranty  and Dealer Insurance.


Every year-end since 2009,  a survey is conducted by AUTOHAUS (a German major automobile industry journal) regarding the degree of satisfaction of dealers with automaker-brand insurance. Toyota Insurance Management were awarded with the the top overall prize (as well as in the imported car sector) for 2013. We achieved a record-high result, ranking 1st in 23 out of the 29 evaluation items.




Toyota car insurance is still the best in the country

Again Toyota car dealers offer the best captive motor insurance

For the sixth time the Toyota motor insurance is crowned as Germany’s best captive insurance within the market survey AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2016/2017



In short:

  • In its eight issue the German study series AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor1 confirms Toyota motor insurance as overall winner of captive insurances, already for the sixth time;
  • Highest satisfaction rate amongst automotive retailers: continuous promotions - an integral part of Toyota’s sales process - successfully support car sales;  
  • Performance strengths: special promotions for car sales, professional competence, first-rate service and support.
Winner 2016

Cologne. The fact remains: Again this year, the best captive motor insurance in Germany is offered by Toyota. This is the result of the latest issue of the German survey AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2016/2017 (1). The annually market survey, supported by TÜV Nord (2), identifies Toyota Insurance Management (TIM, in Germany: Toyota Versicherungsdienst) as overall winner, and this already for the sixth time.


The motor insurance of TIM is backed by the risk carrier Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Ltd., one of Asia’s biggest and strongest risk carriers. In contrast to other captive insurances, which cooperate with independent insurance providers, TIM’s concern is an exclusive proprietary insurance service – with a clear focus on supporting and further expanding Toyota’s insurance competence.   


TIM considers the Toyota motor insurance as more than just a service of Toyota dealerships, but rather as an integral part of vehicle offers: “Retailers, Toyota Germany, Toyota Financial Services and TIM cooperate closely. And we correspond to this with offers ranged from vehicle-related services to mobility packages (3).”


Leader in the field of special rates and promotions

For customers this exclusive insurance service clearly pays. The AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2016/2017 highlights quality and frequency of special promotions as explicit performance strength of Toyota insurance (with a grade of 1.14 above market average).


Toyota’s motor insurance periodically offers vehicle-related ‘specials’4: for example a highly favourable combination of insurance plus loan called ‘Go-Fun-Yourself’, designed for AYGO,  available also with special rates for novice drivers and successful in acquiring new young customers for the Toyota brand. On offer also: equipment-related specials such as a tariff bonus for the Toyota Safety Sense technology. Or moreover the favourable second-car policy, which provides an easy access for families in particular: No matter at which insurer the first car is insured, a special no-claims bonus can be discounted even without having any free claims experience. Lately, with the ‘Transporter Bonus’ a specific tailor-made offer for commercial customers was developed to further strengthen the dealerships’ commercial business competence.

Consulting service and offer at Toyota dealership

Customers can find all special promotions currently on offer by going to Toyota’s Website, menu item ‘Versicherung/Kfz-Specials’. But it is recommended to ask directly at the Toyota dealership for current promotions and let the dealer calculate the best fitting insurance rate. Likewise for example for those, who – with regard to the switching date November 30 - consider for their current vehicle a change of insurer.


And this particularly since, besides favourable conditions, also the support quality of Toyota motor insurance is right. Which the AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor 2016/2017 rates with best marks for, in particular, competence, promptness, dedication and staff friendliness.


Toyota Insurance as market leader

Considering the entire series of studies - by now running since eight years - with its six first places Toyota insurance is by far leading. In the study series almost 1.000 brand dealers rate the performance of captive car insurances and their respective risk carriers as well as of independent insurance partners in dealerships. Rating is done by evaluating 30 individual criteria in the fields products, services and quality in collaboration. Within the evaluation for 2016 Toyota insurance ranked top in 26 out of these 30 criteria. Overall rating was a 1.6; the average rating for all assessed captive insurances is a 2.26.


Your contact:

Jessica Schnabel
Marketing ManagerToyota Versicherungsdienst

E-Mail: jessica.schnabel@toyota-im.com


(1) Which means ‘Insurance Monitor’, a market survey conducted by the automotive trade journal AUTOHAUS, opinion-leader in the automotive market.

(2) TÜV Nord is a regional part of the German Technical Inspection Association.

(3) Offers include loan/lease and services packages