Toyota Insurance Management Digital Guidelines

As part of the wider Toyota family we support the explanation and sale of Toyota products. Our role as the insurance competence centre requires both technical understanding and coordination with other parts of the group. Where we operate we follow the wider digital standards developed by TME, with particular focus on our core products.


Motor insurance is compulsory in all markets and so will be a factor in choosing a new vehicle. This is especially the case when conquesting customers to either the brand, or to Hybrid, where there may be concern over the cost of insurance. Allowing the customer to understand the likely cost of insurance and the benefits of insuring through Toyota will remove this potential barrier to purchase and ensure any repairs will be carried out in the Toyota network. No other insurer will offer this guarantee.


Every customer will need insurance. Research shows more than 50% will have selected their insurance before visiting the dealer. Therefore presenting Toyota insurance in a positive and easily accessible way during the research stage increases the chance of the customer choosing to insure via Toyota.


Base Level

  • Insurance pages are available and clearly explain to guests the insurance products

  • The benefits of Toyota Insurance are clearly explained

  • There is an explanation of how to get a quote and how to purchase a policy

  • It is easy for guests to get a quote and buy a policy

  • Toyota Insurance contact information is clearly displayed

Gold Level

  • The guest can start the purchase process online, and where appropriate complete the policy sale

  • The guest can access Live Chat to ask insurance specific questions

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